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Ukuleles are great for kids – they’re small and light enough for little hands, relatively inexpensive (about £20 for a basic-but-playable model), available in all sorts of fun colours and give quick results. The musical and physical skills children learn on a ukulele can be transferred to other instruments later on too.

Alison’s class ukulele lessons in schools focus on playing and singing together as an ensemble from the very beginning. Students will learn new songs, chords and strumming techniques alongside developing their performance skills. The repertoire is varied – from easy chorus songs to rock ‘n’ roll and modern chart hits.

Skills developed: listening skills, musical knowledge and understanding, creativity, rhythm, pitch, coordination, teamwork, performing/public speaking

The school is expected to provide the ukuleles, although Alison can bring up to 10 ukuleles for use in smaller groups. The use of an electronic whiteboard or projector during lessons would be helpful.

Alison has twelve years of experience as an instrumental teacher, band leader and workshop tutor, working with all ages and abilities. She has an up-to-date enhanced DBS check and can provide a CV and references on request.

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Folk Band

Gallery towerseyWorking with traditional tunes as a starting point, these workshops give students the opportunity to learn and create new repertoire. The usual format is: learn a traditional folk tune (or two, or more!), experiment with arrangement ideas, and decide on a funky arrangement to perform.

Band workshops with Alison always give participants the opportunity to develop their aural and performance skills, whether using sheet music or playing by ear. They can be organised for all ages and abilities, although it is expected that all participants can already play simple pieces on their instrument.



Age group: KS2, KS3, KS4+

Length: All day, half day or one hour sessions – one off or a series

Skills developed: aural, composition, teamwork, performance, creativity, knowledge of traditional music

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